Choose The License You Need

Buy Figuree std. fonts is actually buying a perpetual licence to use the fonts commercially. Your fonts can be downloaded immediately upon payment, and your personal licence can be supplied via email. The User must always ensure that the Fonts installed are protected against all means of unauthorized access or against unauthorized use. The User are not permitted to use fonts for purposes that are not in accordance with the license purchased.

  • 5 computer installations
  • 5 commercial project
  • Unlimited personal project
  • Create content in social media (only picture not video)
  • 10.000 Sales/Prints/Pcs end product for sale in one commercial project.
  • Logo usage without trademarks


You May Not :

  • Use the font for web
  • Create content video in social media
  • Use the font for E-Pub, Game/App, Server
  • Trademarking logo


attention: Please choose a trademark logo license or an extended license for trademarking the logo. Contact us for more information.

  • 1 Website
  • For licensee’s web app and website usage only
  • Embedding fonts using @font-face
  • Monthly Webpage Views : 100,000 Views
  • Up to 100 computer installation
  • Logo usage with trademarks
  • Unlimited commercial & personal project
  • Digital ads with all social media platforms
  • Unlimited number of websites
  • Unlimited end product for sale (Product/Print Ads/Digital Impressions/Merchandise)
  • Embedding font using @font-face
  • Unlimited monthly webpage views


You May Not :

  • Embed font files in a server
  • Embed font files in an app/game
  • Use the font for a broadcast
  • E-book/Publishing
  • Unlimited for publications intended for Kindles, iPads or other PDF Readers
  • Digital ads with all social media platforms
  • Create content with the font in all social media platforms (youtube, Instagram, etc)


You May Not :

  • Use the font for a broadcast
  • 1 App
  • 1 Game
  • Unlimited App Views or Game Views
  • 1 Website
  • Allow Users to Use Font
  • Unlimited Web views
  • 1 TV Commercial Project/Movie/Motion Graphic
  • Unlimited Video project for youtube
  • Unlimited Digital ads view
  • 1 Corporate/Brand
  • Trademarking Logo
  • Use the logo for commercial use


Attention :

  • For more usage please choose the license according to your project needs. ex: desktop license, extended license, etc.
  • 1 Corporate/Brand
  • Unlimited user & installation
  • 1 Trademark logo usage
  • Unlimited non- trademark logo usage
  • Unlimited commercial project
  • Unlimited end product for sale


Also included :

  • Monetize Social Media License
  • Epub License
  • App License
  • Server License
  • Broadcast License

Can’t Find License for Your Needs?

We offer a custom licenses for clients who are looking for a tailored solution. We work directly for brands and advertising agencies


Sell & Redistribute

The items purchased are for your use only. You cannot sell and redistribute it to any third party.

More User

Allowing more than one user to use items downloaded/purchased from us.


Converting products into different formats without written permission from us.


You may not duplicate/copy the product to anyone without our permission.