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Mouth Beast – Strong Brush Font

byFiguree Studio
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Mouth Beast - Strong Brush Font

Product Detail

Mouth Beast is a strong brush font that adds power to your designs. Its bold lettering is perfect for projects that need a fearless and impactful style. Each stroke of Mouth Beast’s brush captures untamed expression, making it ideal for graphic designs that want a raw, energetic look. Whether on posters, logos, or urban-inspired artwork, Mouth Beast stands out as a captivating force in typography.

Mouth Beast isn’t just a font; it’s a visual roar. Its intense brush strokes convey unapologetic rebellion, making it a perfect choice for those breaking free from the ordinary. Whether your designs need dominance or a lasting impression, Mouth Beast turns text into a bold statement, leaving a mark filled with untamed creativity.

What You Get

  • Mouth Beast (TTF, OTF, WOFF)
  • Bonus Ornament (EPS)


  • Standards Characters
  • Punctuation
  • PUA Encoded open
  • Support Multilingual
  • Support for MAC or PC
  • Simple installation for Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Photoshop, or Procreate (New Updated)

To enable the OpenType Stylistic alternates, you need a program that supports OpenType features such as Adobe Illustrator CS, Adobe Indesign & CorelDraw X6-X7. tutorial here

There are additional ways to access alternates, using Character Map (Windows), Nexus Font (Windows), Font Book (Mac), or a software program such as PopChar (for Windows and Mac).

Try this font here

Figuree Studio fonts bring many benefits to design projects. They are known for careful craftsmanship, paying close attention to details for enhanced visual appeal. With various styles available, from elegant scripts to bold display fonts, Figuree Studio offers designers a versatile toolkit for different themes and purposes. The studio’s commitment to innovation is clear in its unique and contemporary designs, helping users stay on top of typographic trends.

Besides looking good, Figuree Studio fonts are designed with user convenience in mind. They ensure readability on different platforms, making them seamlessly integrate into diverse design projects. Figuree Studio regularly updates its fonts based on user feedback, staying in tune with emerging design needs. This dedication to quality and user-friendly design makes Figuree Studio fonts a reliable choice for designers wanting both style and functionality in their typography.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me by email hi@figureestudio.com 🙂


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