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How Graphic Designers Can Work With Digital Marketplaces: MasterBundles Case

December 28, 2022

Whether you’re a creative designer just starting out or an accomplished graphic designer branching out into new industries, Master Bundles can help you market your high-quality graphics. An excellent marketplace where you may purchase or sell a variety of goods.

MasterBundles: What Is It And Who Is It For?

MasterBundles is a user-friendly and practical marketplace for a graphic design where you can quickly sell and buy various items. Along with a ton of stock stuff, there are visual elements, typefaces, templates, UI kits, plugins for different editors, and more.

The platform’s standout feature is the inclusion of bundles, sets that mix thematic products and are less expensive than buying designs alone. Additionally, you can find a lot of freebies that will enable you to familiarize yourself with the vendor’s work without spending any money.

The MasterBundles will be an excellent platform for those who frequently work with images, such as:

  • designers who prefer to buy ready-made tiny things rather than spend time crafting key aspects;
  • marketers and SMM experts that require design as soon as possible and are seeking a pre-made template that can be swiftly and simply customized to meet a certain brand or company;
  • craftspeople who just use pre-made SVGs to create printed things (such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, shoppers, etc.);
  • proprietors of small businesses who must conduct specific experiments.

So, instead of wasting time looking for a designer and waiting for the product to be built, customers can simply pay attention to the market and select a ready-made choice at an inexpensive price if they urgently require particular design elements, a brand presentation template, or an original font.

The Most Important Advantages Of Working With MasterBundles

Firstly, to sell your graphic design or other digital goods on MasterBundles is as easy as following a few steps. As a seller, their “Sell Your Deal” form will assist you in quickly uploading products, creating product previews, adding product descriptions, and choosing the appropriate categories. To make it simple for consumers to find your products, you can optimize your descriptions for search engines. But it’s only one of the main advantages, let’s check out other benefits, you get when you start working with this marketplace:

  1. The site welcomes designers of all skill levels; experts and those who are just starting out on this route can display their work here. Furthermore, everyone will be paid a living salary.
  2. Vendors don’t have to wait long days for their design to be accepted because moderation is quick and simple. If suddenly there is a moderation issue, the manager calls the user right away to fix everything.
  3. The management is always available for inquiries from vendors on any subject and will assist you as soon as possible.
  4. It’s convenient to manage the money that you’ve earned. Customers can obtain money right away once the withdrawal requirement is met.
  5. There is some assistance for vendors because the portal wants to promote our products. The blog frequently posts instructional articles on how to increase the sales of your products, which is quite pertinent. Additionally, the marketplace frequently includes neat packages in newsletters that it delivers to clients.
  6. You will also have access to the MasterBundles vendor rating page, which is a terrific resource for locating top-ranked suppliers with whom to further work or promote. Although the rating is determined in a highly complex manner, it is quite accurate and objective, which serves as a fantastic incentive for vendors to improve and rise to the top of the table.

Furthermore, we should applaud the segmentation of all market players into jobs. Currently, there are affiliates, buyers, and sellers, however, you can freely combine any of these positions.

Main Disadvantages of Working With MasterBundles

There are, of course, no truly ideal marketplaces; even the best portals have a few quirks that some users may find objectionable. Speaking for myself, we discovered some of the cons in this marketplace as well. Let’s dive in!

  1. Drawbacks such as a withdrawal cap are at least $50 on the account, which may not be convenient for beginners.
  2.  Required moderation.
  3. Some sellers dislike that the market favors bundles since it forces them to produce more products.

How To Start Earning With An Affiliate Program?

You must develop your personal affiliate parameter, which is put to the MasterBundles URLs, in order to sign up as an affiliate. Following that, you can spread this link, and you will receive a 15% referral commission for any sale made using your link. You will still receive 15% of any product sales as long as the referral clicks on your link and completes the purchase of any item.

When you become a MasterBundles affiliate, you’ll have access to an account that allows you to track and update profiles, get insightful reports, and view information such as how many products were purchased using your links.

Some words from a novice in Graphic Design:

As a beginner in this world of design, I would say that such marketplaces seem trustworthy to me. I didn’t upload any of my work yet, but with rules and general benefits, I think it is always worth trying. I see a lot of opportunities for me because additionally to design works, if you have a sizable following on social media, you can absolutely take affiliate marketing seriously. After all, the referral program can also allow for generating good passive income. 

To Sum Up

MasterBundles will work for both newbie and skilled designers and illustrators because of the low competition and easy uploading of works. You also may upload existing works and earn money.

Even if you are an amateur vendor, MasterBundles will support your growth and provide you the opportunity to earn an extra $500–$1000, which is amazing.

Working with MasterBundles will be enjoyable for you because of their excellent customer service and user-friendly interface. Don’t let this chance pass you by!

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